The Autistic Space Kit
Is The ASK App

The ASK (Autistic Space Kit) App was created by Autistic people for Autistic people

Click below to see copy of our poster that was displayed at the Autism Europe Conference (Updated to include Android info)

The Interaction screens

The Interaction screens are a method of showing when and how you want to interact with the people around you.


The phone function enables people a simple way to make a call or in stressful situations to call for assistance quickly. The phone numbers are set in settings. A variety of numbers can be set and can be set in order of importance


The text function is similar to the phone function but using texts for people who don't like using the phone if it isn't convenient. There will also be the ability to have ready written texts to send at the press of the button


the scripts function is a section of the app where the user can write things that they may need to say and may not be able to because of stress or overload or to be used as a prompt they would be personal to the user which means they will be able to write they're own scripts and save them they will also be able to move them into order of importance and also select one to be displayed on the pressing of the script icon should they so wish


The purpose of this function is to send the users location to a predetermined person either by text message or email.


Where all the functions can be modified

Autistic Space Kit

The ASK app is now available in the AppStore .